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Most nights, my dog puts himself to bed around 11 p. Sweet boy. I assume this is a habit formed by the fact that 11 p.

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Having a pet can be wonderful for your health. That wagging tail when you walk in the door not only makes you feel good — it probably encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. No matter the weather, you know you have to take two walks per day.

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First things first, there is nothing wrong with Quora. Its a question-answer driven community. People will ask whatever they want to know.

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I have a delicate problem: whenever my partner and I try to get intimate, my cocker spaniel starts to whine and bark, even though she's downstairs and we have our bedroom door shut. She likes my partner very much, even though my partner's only recently moved in. Jeff, via e-mail.

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Anyone whose roommate has four legs, a bunch of fur and a periodic floor-shitting habit has had it happen to them — the ol' "pet-watching-me-fuck phenomenon. There you'll be; all randy and in the well-lubed throes of things, happily pumping away at your various holes, when all of a sudden, you'll look up from your afternoon delight and BAM — your seemingly innocent, domesticated mammal is 3 inches from your face, salivating slowly while it stares so deeply into your eyes you swear it touches your soul. Its virgin ears suddenly don't seem so virgin as it blinks at you suggestively, pawing at the bed.

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Dogs were put on this Earth for one reason: to love mankind. Also, to chase tennis balls and lick their own butts Regardless, the bond forged between humans and dogs is one that will never be broken.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. I'm a dog trainer and a sex educator; here's my tips for how to have a better sex life without your dog getting in the way. I wear a lot of hats, as it were, and walk in a lot of worlds.

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That was until, midcoitus, I found myself face-to-face with said pussy. As I eyeballed the cat that was sitting on the bed, mere inches from my face, staring me down while his daddy pounded me, I started to feel strangely uneasy. The cat, its head cocked to the side, refused to break visual contact with me, let alone blink.

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Between killing spontaneity, playing favorites, and and ruining the mood with room-clearing farts, pets can be a real boner-killer. We all know that adopting a pet comes with a lot of responsibilitybut few people consider the effects that a furry friend can have on one's sex life. Here's how to deal with some of the most common complaints.

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