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Dear Senior Engineer Friends. I was thinking more about the time you told me that your PM sucks. They might.

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Undeniably, hiring senior software engineers is hard. In fact, the teams in the latter category were usually full. There are many reasons why some teams fail to attract good talent.

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Improvement that can be realized by looking for the best of the world to come and the one we left behind. Survivorship bias is real. When we look at the accomplishments of the engineers that came before us we are forced to only look at the best examples. It was bad engineering.

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ChuckMcM on Nov 15, It is an interesting screed. I was thinking when I wrote up the comment about how VP's might feel about leaving a position that there is an interesting dividing line which doesn't get talked about a lot, Matt touches on it but didn't really call it out, its this, "What are you trying to get done?

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A furry became an intern for NASA and got instantly fired after telling someone on their council to suck their dick because this is If you're working for a public institution you'll have to like it or not be more conscious with words Homer was cool abt the situation but sadly other people weren't and they were the ones who insisted the girl be fired. Wow, Homer Hickam is kind of a jerk. Naomi did the right thing, this hectoring old dullard needs to be told off more.

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Here is why I like engineering. It is interesting and you get to know how things work. I loved studying to become an engineer, best time of my academical life.

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I remember a family friend telling me when I was a kid that computers are going to be the future and that there will be a lot of jobs in this field. I also remember that the idea of sitting all day, alone, in front of a minitel -like computer scared the hell out of me. I get emails and phone calls from many people reaching out to me to help them find software engineers. There is a huge demand for engineers.


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