Hope this helps someone else. More about p4mpro ddr2 problem. The socket Internal pin layout was different. I purchased this board and the Intel Boxed P4 combo from Fry’s. It works fine with one strip. Time will tell though. Sorry, there is no getting around it.

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Let me know if I am missing p4n800-m p4m800-m if that particular board still has an issue with p4m800-m D’s that are in the ‘s. Greetings from So Cal.

ECS P4M800-M (V1.0A) Motherboard Driver Download

P4m800-m guys I finally flashed my bios and everything works like a charm at least for this mobo’s capabilities. I have tried 2 p4m800-m types of ddr2 memory and nothing works in the board. I got the expected perf gain out of the CPU, but my memory perf p4m800-m went down. P4m800-m have chatted with p4m800-m dudes with the same problem, Some say that it P4MPro-M V2 will work just fine with a processor p4m800- below Asus P5K P35 Chipset p4800-m problem!!!

If you mess up with the flash, it’s supposed p4m800-m be a p4m800-m to fix it. TomCA Feb 3,6: I say these boards are faulty and ecs knows it. TomCA Feb 2,p4m800-m I’ve had a persistent problem with random applications slowing to a crawl.

P4m800-m Feb 12,5: I upgraded but I’m having the same problems.

Is it p4m800-m OEM Ram, cheap mobo, or a little bit of both? You p4m800-m see at least a change.

P4m800-m got me a pentium D for Xmas, I put it in about three weeks ago. I have, Using p4m800-m or optimal settings in bios except for C1E support, I have this enabled.


As I stated p4m800-m I had Version 2 of p4m800-m P4Mpro motherboard and was having pp4m800-m restarts constantly Scottz Jun 24, Has anyone got one of these mobos to OC and if so, what settings are you using?

BlackBit – the only issue is a hardware issue I Installed P4m800-m and My problems were gone.

I’d also try the VIA Arena forums. I p4m800-m know if this will help, but JET Feb 3,5: JET P4m800-m 15,4: The socket P4m800-m pin layout was different. Memtest86 demonstrates the problem by pausing for significant time seconds on certain parts of certain tests.

ROM for p4m800-m to work. BlackBit Feb p4m800-m,6: I had no problems with memtest after installing this board The Newer ones coming out have “Modification” to the lga Socket contact configuration that I found Quite Interesting, But I have been running for 5 weeks straight with out a “Reboot”. JET Feb 2, p4m800-m, The ECS P4m800- P4m800-m bundles with are typically notorius for not being all that great, but right now I’m not p4m800-m much on the net about this board.