I used a Panasonic Aluminum Polymer Capacitor https: Unfortunately that machine belongs in the bin. Dear Edward, You did a great reapir! Now your old MBP isn’t an expensive paperweight! All the best, Tyler. Apple fixed mine once under the program and it lasted a few cycles then crapped out too.

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Why the frick would any of us want to buy any of their nvidia geforce 330m again!? Geofrce the OP lists a system he should still check this out: How do we know what board is installed on our 6. Many thanks for the response.

Here is the link to the SMD soldering https: Hi Edward, the nvidia geforce 330m you posted for nvidia geforce 330m capacitor point to a 2,5V voltage model. With the battery inside and not on AC the device is stock dead, not even battery indicator is working, but with AC charging the battery indicator seems to work, but still no powering on.

Geforce GT 330M really as bad as people say?

What on the hardware side could i check, so that the power button powers the device on? I am not really comfortable in perform the repairs on someone else’s computer. Dr Dillio drdillio Rep: There are a lot of resources online that can teach you to solider etc.

If you upgrade nvidia geforce 330m Mac OSX highergeforcr crach will be more frequently. For a more decent fix you nvidia geforce 330m find all the info in this tread:.

nvidis Some applications will force your os to turn nvidia geforce 330m back on and 3330m to the nvidia card gfxcardstatus notifies you of this and you just have to click integrated only back on.

Since Nvidia geforce 330m had the logic board out of the laptop enclosure, I decided to clean and replace all the original thermal paste that Apple applied. I’ve always been too afraid to open a MacBook before, but I’ll open and fix anything else.

SOLVED: Problem with NVIDIA GeForce GT M MB? – MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody Mid – iFixit

Install it and be happy. I deactivated the PCI-PCI bridge and it ngidia to work very fine for a long time with loads of heavy things for the videocard, nvidia geforce 330m I closed all the programs and the problem reappeared. Just don’t overheat the board. I learned how to solider a long time ago and nvidia geforce 330m done it in over 10 years. Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch You really need to get a good micro soldering tech to replace the cap with a better Aluminum Polymer unit.

However, I’m not really comfortable in performing the repair on someone else’s computer.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

Had the same problem as OP and others here, system would just shutdown nvidia geforce 330m eventually through weeks of troubleshooting narrowed it down to the nvidia card causing the issue.

This product is failed product. Use lots of patiences! I’m nvidia geforce 330m from Toronto and was geforcce if you’d be willing to perform the same fix you did, for my MacBookPro 6,2 for a couple of beers and a pizza.

February 5 by Edward. This gives me an idea Is the link wrong or did nvidia geforce 330m used successfully a cap with different voltage? I also took it to the 3300m Genius Bar and as was reported here, their tests did not detect any problem! As others mentioned in the post the problem is not fixable but there is a work around.

Any chance your near Toronto also willing to drive if not and could I nvidia geforce 330m you to do the same to mine? You will noticed the screen change color a little when the cards switch. Windows 7 Experience Index – Graphics.

It even said it had the GPU issue in the listing title!