June 1, Applies to: Plug your controller into an unoccupied USB port on your Windows machine. To test out the controller, we have a two prong approach. The first thing you want to do is go to the Start Menu and type joy. Mine came with a CD I had to install first, did yours? If you’re not satisfied, select Settings , and then select Reset to defaults. Last edited by royeric5 ; Dec 28, 7:

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We won’t give up and neither should you. If you use the D-pad, the left stick configuration may be incorrect.

[SOLVED] Madcatz Xbox USB Controller Setup

If so, and you’re sure it’s not a controller issue read this post: From there, click on Settings to create your controller profile. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Luchia View Profile View Posts. Genius View Profile View Posts.

We saved it with an appropriately clear title for future reference:. It worked perfectly on my contorller laptops before so I don’t get why it won’t work now. I had madcatz xbox 360 controller pc do this. Using Xpadder we can easily circumvent any game with fixed-buttons by assigning those buttons as we see fit.

While customizing your controller profiles gives you fine-tooth control over the results thus you could controllfr your keyboard and mouse settings for a game completely intact while creating a controller profile over top those key bindingsyou will save madcatz xbox 360 controller pc a lot of time by visiting the Xpadder forums and grabbing one of the hundreds of game profiles other gamers have already crafted for you.

Installing the Xbox controller should be a pretty painless affair. Thanks for your feedback!

Last edited by royeric5 ; Dec 26, 8: This site in other languages x. In the Search programs and files box, type joy.

How to calibrate your Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Start a New Discussion. Things to keep in mind before you give me advice: It makes playing action games like DMC and basketball terrible it madcatz xbox 360 controller pc shoots the ball and goes off everytime i get the ball.

Originally posted by Luchia What should I do? If, during the following diagnostic tests, it becomes clear that the installation did not madfatz as planned, you can visit the support page for the controller here and download the appropriate drivers for your version of Windows. If the problem exists on another Madcatz xbox 360 controller pc, then the problem is probably with the controller itself.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don’t have to.

Open the Game Controllers window: Here you can opt to have the profiles and other information saved either in your My Xgox folder or the location of the program. In Windows 10, type joy.

How to Use an Xbox Controller On Your Windows PC

All you need to do in order to remap the button shortcuts from the Xgox keyboard configuration they are in to the buttons on the controller is to double-click each madcatz xbox 360 controller pc with the mouse and then press the button on the Xbox controller like so:.

Install the Xbox Accessories Software 1. The all 4 green lights in the middle lit up once and that’s it. My pc isn’t even detecting it. I am not sure if i installed properly or what makes things a lot worse now it does not move correctly at all you think windows would have a little better driver and support by now.

When I tried plugging it into the usb slot of contro,ler pc, the controller didn’t work. I’m not sure what to do now. Some geospatial data on this website is cnotroller by geonames. Would you like to contact Support regarding the “How to calibrate madcatz xbox 360 controller pc Xbox Controller for Windows” issue you were reading about or a different issue?