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OPINION : I have long believed the best and most cost-effective form of relationship maintenance has nothing to do with the therapist's waiting room. No, it involves a very different form of close scrutiny in an enclosed space. I am talking, of course, about the exquisitely remedial benefits of a couple of nights away in a delightful hotel that - by virtue of its location, furnishings, fresh sheets and solicitous staff - sprinkles stardust on your spirits and libido.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. When it comes to having hot vacation sex in your hotel room, there aren't too many rules definitely not as many as when you're having sex in an Airbnbanyway.

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Cosmo writer Anna Breslaw gives us the scoop on why you should check in, check each other out and hang up the Do Not Disturb sign. Kelly song. Hotel sex, on the other hand, is a sexual luxury item.

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Unheard of. Read also: The sexiest airline cabins for you to join the mile high club. We also have a couple of suggestions for seriously sexy bars. From the windows to walls, bathtub to balcony.

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When the first Standard hotel in New York opened nine years ago, it was lagging behind schedule. The owners bowed to pressure, though, and accepted guests while construction continued. The hotel encouraged exhibitionists to make the most of rooms tailor-made for their tastes, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the strolling pedestrians of the High Line.

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Whether you're getting down and dirty at a Best Western or high-rolling in the sheets at a Hilton, there's something especially hot about having sex at a hotel. But why limit yourself to the confines of your room? Not sure which floor button to push?

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If you've ever had a night in a hotel room with your partner that felt like a revolution compared to endless nights in your boring old home, you might have wondered if hotels had some kind of magical powers. Or not magic, exactly — but science, which proves it's actually not just you, but sex in hotel rooms actually is better than the sex you have at your ho-hum house. As Aol reportsresearch indicates that hotel sex leads to an increased rush of dopamine, and that makes us feel happier when it activates the pleasure centers in our brains — a feeling not unlike when you eat something delicious, or watch your favorite show.

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When it comes to predicaments between the sheets, the only thing worse than the struggle of getting laid in the first place, is mediocre, routine or just plain bad sex. Hence, the reason for this and countless other articles about how to spice up your life. Laurel Steinberg, Ph.

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Facebook Twitter Email. Hotels have been a large part of my domestic life. I met my husband, who travels constantly for work, in the lobby of a hotel -- the Chateau Marmont, in LA.

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Whether you're on vacation with your bae or having a one-night stand while on a business trip, I think we can all agree that hotel sex is the best. Maybe it's the change of scenery or knowing that everyone in the rooms nearby probably knows exactly what you're up to, but something about getting it on in a room for rent feels undeniably decadent. So, why hotel sex is better than sex at home?


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