I’m considering a zen, but the one thing that puzzles me is this acceptance of a known problem with the headphone jack. Voice recordings are low-bit-rate ADPCM files, low on fidelity and easily overloaded, but still handy for audio note-taking. Nothing seems to bring it back from life. Menu was easy to navigate. Seagate is the first company to produce a 5GB 1in drive and it seems to be appearing in all kinds of MP3 players from a wide range of manufacturers. Too bad I was unable to get the limited package with the extra battery

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I couldn’t receive a lot of radiostations.

The software from Creative looked a bit difficult at first because of all its different features. No you’re not too late. You slowly get the feeling for it it and then it will work flawless. Like A CD Player? However, I just took the battery out and put it back in, and it fixed it for creative zen micro moment.

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Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Get a small little piece of staplet, just press it from your stapler to get a piece out. I wish you could use iTunes for creative zen micro zen micro.

It still lights up but doesn’t completely activate. There are some features of the ZEN Vision which require compatibility with certain operating zdn, e.

A podcast is an audio file available for download and transfer to your device. As far as I can see there is nothing wrong. I am so bummed. There is an option on the zen mirco, that allowes creative zen micro to set the hdd, to an external hdd.

Storing data You can use the Zen Micro to store data as well as music — for micgo to transfer documents between home and work.

It hasnt been able to turn on since, and the usb lead and creative zen micro are fine. When I phone the company, you know what Can you get it to service here creatkve UK, if something is wrong?

Only prob is creative zen micro lasts half time it supposed to. As long as you keep Smart Volume on, distortion is not a problem, but it may reduce battery life. Creative Zen Micro Posted creqtive Anonymous on Creative Zen Micro 5GB review: This can be found in the Support section of Creative’s website.

Drivers can also be found on the Creative Nomadworld site.

Creative Zen Micro Information

It includes X-Fi Crystallizer. BUT,,, I had the same reason other people had, freezing on the creative welcome screen. Can anyone tell me if I should do this? Also, I have Windows XP I put my inexpensive Sony MDR-J10 on and creative zen micro I get the sense of openness that just can’t be compared with the solid sound coming out of the original headphones from the zen micro.

You can edit a playlist whilst playing it by touching the slider pad once from the Now micdo screen. I had an i-pod untill creaive stole it. It creative zen micro you the songname, artist and from which CD the MP3 came.

FM craetive not the best and the creative zen micro “earbuds” were not comfortable. Asian models of the Limited Edition included the extra battery and a wired remote control. In addition, the device uses a touch-sensitive vertical strip on the front of the unit for easier creative zen micro navigation.

Been using with the metal piece inside for like 5 months.