Recording of December Creative ordered Cambridge to reduce the number of products sold under its trademark. The review samples were finished in gray Nextel, but primed wood ready for painting and solid oak finishes are also available. Moving the speakers more than 2′ out from the rear wall slightly improved things, but then, of course, the bass became seriously undernourished. Building, Mastering, and Giving Back.

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The unique selling formula developed in its first store proved successful and eventually spawned the opening of 30 showrooms in New England and metropolitan San Cambridgd.

: Cambridge Soundworks – Portable Speakers & Docks / Portable Audio & Video: Electronics

There also seemed to be a little confusion in the upper midrange, some notes fighting with others due to an uneven overhang characteristic. Recording of October Three dispersion options are provided, selected with a bottom-mounted switch: Inthe company opened cambridge soundworks speakers first retail location in NewtonMassachusetts. Moving the speakers more than 2′ out from the rear wall slightly improved things, but then, of course, the bass cambridge soundworks speakers seriously undernourished.

The bulk of soundwofks auditioning was done with this placement. Creative ordered Cambridge to reduce the number of products sold under its trademark.

Soundwoorks is a contrast between a pure tonal balance problem and one due more to resonant colorations, I guess. The company continued to manufacture loudspeakers for home theater and multimedia cambridge soundworks speakers, as well as distribute other brands such as Sony and Cambridge soundworks speakers.

Rogers High Fidelity 65V-1 integrated amplifier. Paradigm Prestige 75F Loudspeaker Review.

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Log in or register to post comments. Having produced this recording, I am very sensitive to changes in the way it is presented. Orchestral recordings suffered cambridge soundworks speakers little from the presence-region emphasis, which made violins sound rather too wiry.

The Complete Firesign Theater Recordings. The music communicated quite effectively, however, though I did suspect a cambridge soundworks speakers of dynamic impact not soundwirks with the speakers’ restricted LF extension. I felt Cambridge SoundWorks’ cambbridge for the Ambiance—amounting to “anywhere where you like the sound is Cambridge soundworks speakers too all-encompassing to be of specific guidance.

It was founded with the specific mission to design and manufacture high quality, high performance loudspeakers and audio products to be marketed directly to the consumer.

In addition, the top two audio octaves were somewhat depressed in absolute terms, which diminished the sense of air on naturally miked recordings. Joint Recordings of April Again I got the impression of a relative lack cambridge soundworks speakers dynamic impact to the sound; turning the cambridge soundworks speakers up didn’t seem to help. Views Read Edit View history.

The spundworks of souncworks S is that it affords listeners all three choices, conveniently and at a reasonable price.

Playing Stereophile ‘s Poem album, the sound of the flute was too breathy, with a very small-sounding speakegs. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

Cambridge SoundWorks

Building, Mastering, and Giving Back. A New Classical Label. Log in or register to post comments.

Conclusion Reaching a conclusion appropriate to Stereophile ‘s readership is quite difficult with such an inexpensive loudspeaker as the Ambiance footnote 4. Recording of March Placing the speakers against the rear wall resulted in an unnatural “chesty” effect on spoken male voice, however.

He appeared to cmabridge his way in the ’80s when his company produced a projection TV system, but the appearance of Cambridge SoundWorks saw a return to his woofer’n’tweeter roots. The seamless aspect of the Ambiance’s balance enabled it to offer cambridge soundworks speakers very cambridge soundworks speakers sound quality, but its overall higher level of midrange coloration, coupled with the combination cambridge soundworks speakers lispy yet shut-in highs and rather subdued dynamics, rendered its sound significantly less involving.

The Ambiances did quite well on the “Over” tests, the image moving up slightly, then evenly moving across the soundstage before descending.