I am trying to get a balanced opinion, there is life outside of the wigwam!!! Register a new account. There seems to be a couple of different schools of throught ignoring Romy completely! Has anyone any experience of these drivers, and are the mods which Bert does to these drivers – worthwhile? Still wondering if anyone here has heard the driver. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Posted March 15, Anyone heard the BMS coax compression drivers?

Another idea i was having was mounting the jbl ‘s i have, concentrically in the horn like some large phase plug. Sign up for a new account in our community. What i was trying to suggest is that there are different schools of throught and the french forums are very much compression driver biased. OTOH and IMHO i much prefer the way that tractrix pressurize the room than OS i’m talking about geddes waveguide which actually doesn’t have much of that bms coaxial compression that you can physically sense a bms coaxial compression of air in the room.

I can move the sofa back but i find the back wall then enters into the equation. And now you want to throw this away? Bms coaxial compression reason for this is i might try the audax units firstcrossing them with my jbl ‘s.

Another question – have you ran lowthers Oris horns? I read bms coaxial compression the forum that horns are really only optimised around a narrow freq band, so is a wide range driver an optimal solution? Create bms coaxial compression account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order bms coaxial compression leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

It was interesting to see the similarities of performance with regard to second order harmonics up to somewhere just past 5K. Info on the web suggests the audax units will work well with the front horns Torsten recommends – spherical allowing them to be crossed at around hz, depends how much HF i will lose as i don’t think the jbl’s will work that much below 6k.

Ferrite Compression Drivers

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our comoression. Share this post Link to clmpression Share on other sites. Two inch throat is 4 times the radiating area. I like the single driver – focus, but would bms coaxial compression a flatter response. I am in the midst of my next speaker project. Voights theory bms coaxial compression that the tractrix and other expanding horns distribute the wave front giving a bigger sound window.

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I suppose it all depends on bms coaxial compression compression ratio, in the horn, as all will have the same size mouth and throat it just what happens inbetween. What are real advantages of CD’s over cones is it just SPL, as from the plots most are not very linear.

The second order harmonics measures on par with the JBL when a hz, 2″ lens is used actually it measures quite a bit better in the 9Khz range up – may be more bms coaxial compression to the JBL using the single diaphram.

BMS 4590 2″ Coaxial Compression Driver Special Pricing

I have some altec ‘s or ‘s for the LF, use my existing horns for the mid bass with the audax units, would need to add another horn bms coaxial compression cover upto bms coaxial compression jadis use the Beyma Bms coaxial compression Ti which seems reasonably priced, and then top it off with my JBL ‘s. Sign up for a new account in our community. Up to that point I comprfssion have been reasonably ok, but I am going to rethink – I don’t need greater distortion at that critical Xover point and considering I will need less distrotion through about 8khz to keep it smooth, I’ll go to the 2″ throat and drain the pocketbook a bit more.

How mutch do they cost? Register a new account. I still would like the answer to the question Looks like i need to get some audax PRm0’s to play with. Still wondering if bms coaxial compression here has heard the driver.

BMS 2″ Coaxial Compression Driver Special Pricing | eBay

Sign in Already have an account? Already have an account? The problem is that, while I cannot find any bad reviews of the driver, there are very few bms coaxial compression by folks that Voaxial have a history with and can understand how they speak to what they hear.