The condom slipped off

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Blacking out can happen when a person drinks too much alcohol, does certain drugs, or combines drugs and alcohol. In some situations, you may have voluntarily taken drugs or drank a lot and ended up hooking up with someone. In this case,

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The ring was sticking out of me and according to my bf nothing spilled. He ejaculated after the condom slipped off by mastubating. Could I have a chance to be pregnant?

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Condoms are used during sex to provide a barrier. Used correctly, they are also an effective form of contraception preventing a pregnancy. Both male and female condoms are available.

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This is called condom failure. You treat the situation as if you did not use a condom. You cannot rely on the condom to protect you against pregnancy or infections.

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Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Sex and Romance Pregnancy Condom slipped off while withdrawing

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So you had a nice sex sesh, finished up, and then realised that somehow the condom your partner used managed to slip off and get wedged inside. First off, remain calm. This is good advice in general, but it does actually serve a purpose beyond making you feel less frazzled.

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There are so many lengths women go through to prevent pregnancy, from taking daily pills to getting contraceptive devices put inside them. But the most well-known contraceptive is a condom, and using one may not always be percent foolproof. According to Planned Parenthood, anytime semen gets into or even near your vaginapregnancy can happen.

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I had a one night stand with a lady 2 years younger to me she says she is a nurse and has to get check up every 3 months, she is clean according to her report 3months ago n has not had sex with anyone after that. My concern is I had protected intercourse with her in woman on top position, but while withdrawing I went soft and when she stood up the condom went with her, I have a feeling that the condom was On till the last moment as there were no traces of fluid on my penis neither she was wet inside her, but still I am very very concerned, I immediately washed with water n then after a few minutes with soap and water. It is now 5 days to that instance I am in very much agony. Plz counsel.

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Great question! We go over how to put on a condom and some other condom-related things here. Pinch the tip while rolling the condom all the way to the base.

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If he ejaculated and semen leaked into your vagina, then pregnancy is a real possibility. If this happened in recent days, take emergency contraception immediately. Think about what caused the problem.


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