Sit when i pee

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Q: Should men sit down when they pee? What if they are visiting someone else's home? There are no hard and fast etiquette rules on the subject.

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According to leaked information from household staffRyan Gosling likes to pee sitting down. Of all the misdemeanours that his maid could have squawked about to the press, this could well be the most damaging. Hollywood's leading ladies' man goes to the toilet like a woman!

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Hansen argued that sitting would leave the toilets much cleaner, and also claimed that sitting reduces the risk of prostate cancer and endows men with a more robust sex life. It's difficult to dispute Hansen's first point, but a new systematic review and meta-analysis published to PLoS ONE sheds a stream of light on his second. Researchers in the Department of Urology at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands pooled and analyzed eleven studies comparing the effects of sitting versus standing on three key "urodynamic parameters": maximum flow rate, voiding time the time that it takes to peeand post-void residual volume the amount of urine remaining in the bladder.

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Forgot password? Men should pee sitting down. Now before you call me a strident feminist, let me say that I'm backed up on this one by male colleagues and the reasons aren't what you think.

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The information is something expats and other foreigners will find useful. The authors cover a good array of topics that foreigners in Germany should know. We also cover most of them here at the German Way, but I can fully recommend this book to non-Germans who want to better fit into the German way of life.

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Photo via Flickr user digitonin. The relevant case was a minor property dispute about whether a landlord should be able to keep his renter's security deposit over piss stains on his marble bathroom floor. But the fact that the landlord appeared to view his tenant's standing urination as a barbaric habit, and the fact that the judge referred to the now-protected position as a formerly dominant custom was telling.

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There is a discussion doing the rounds on the interwebs that has us looking at the men in our life in a whole new light. In a poll of married couples in Japan found 49 percent of coupled up men peed sitting down. In Taiwan in the government even started to promote the practice.

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Dogs are fun to be around and especially when they have a daily routine, they can be extremely easy to care for. If your dog has a routine, at specific times during the day you will feed him, engage in some play and exercise and take him for a walk where along the way he will relieve his bladder and bowels. When it comes time to sleep, a trained dog knows to go to his bed to sleep.

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For the last few years I now find it much more comfortable and better for me when I pee sitting down. Anyway I digress. Okay, that is the most obvious benefit, but a huge benefit for all concerned.

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I do not enjoy this. While I realize pee on the toilet seat is not a world hunger-level problem, it is an unnecessary one to have to endure with any amount of regularity, so I feel entitled to complain about it. Pee on the seat is gross and unseemly and ladies? It is beneath us.


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