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We'd like to start this off by thanking Star Trek: Voyager for not giving us a reason to put it on this list. With Captain Janeway, Chief Engineer Torres, and Seven of Nine on the ship, we don't have much to call out - okay, Seven of Nine's outfit was problematic, but she transcended it. Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond gets a shout-out too, for being such a kick-ass character.

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As I grew up into a fully fledged nerd, I continued to think Troi was the coolest, but I found out that an awful lot of people disagreed with me incredibly passionately on the topic. A lot of these critiques are valid. Troi was originally envisioned by Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry as having three or four breasts. I honestly believe you will offend most women, and maybe a lot of men with this character.

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As an ambassador mediates peace talks to end a fierce civil war, Deanna Troi begins to act erratically after spending some time with him. As the USS Enterprise -D approaches the transport ship, two Rekag battle cruisers turn tail, unwilling to face the superior firepower of the Enterprise. The captain of the Dorian contacts the Enterprise with relief, explaining that he is carrying a mediator to Seronia.

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Sep 6. Posted by Liz Shannon Miller. There are no shortage of embarrassing books on my bookshelves as well as the auxiliary book piles — books I brought from home because they were important to me at some time or another.

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It might be tough to hear, but it's been three decades since Star Trek soared back onto our screens. Brew up a drink Tea. Earl Grey.

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Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Was Troi hot? Joined: Sep 11, Location: Hill dweller.

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The final frontier. If Star Trek is to be believed, just beyond our universe there are scantily clad robot women in abundance. Alien harems are totally legit!

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Troi gives and gets the feels. It seems her fabled Betazoid blessing can also act as a millstone of a curse. Products from Amazon. She gets feelings.


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