Latex mattress soy versus petroleum

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The difference between innerspring and memory foam mattresses is clear just from the names: one has a core of coiled metal springs, the other is made from layers of polyurethane foam. The difference between latex and memory foam, on the other hand, is a bit more subtle. Latex and memory foam are both types of foam, but when it comes to sleep, they definitely are not interchangeable.

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Jen Love. Hello, I am Master seamstress and upholsterer. I work around 'a lot' of foam.

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There has been a lot of conversation about these popular beds and people are smartly asking more questions about the materials used in the construction of memory foam mattresses to see if they may be harmful. Just as with any other product, all memory foam mattresses are not created equally, so it is important to know a few characteristics to look for when choosing a new memory foam mattress. To be an educated consumer, you must first know that the construction of memory foam mattresses differ from company to company.

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The ads are everywhere! Sound too good to be true? Natural latex rubber is derived from the sap of the rubber tree. That milky, sap must go through a vulcanization process to make any rubber product, including sturdy foam for cushions, mattresses and pillows.

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Select The Right Futon Mattress. The Shikifuton Mattress. Mattress Based On Sleep Position.

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After all, who better to help you figure this one out? Natural, latex based memory foam is NEW and has been featured on Dr. You can learn more about how our mattresses are made.

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Select The Right Futon Mattress. The Shikifuton Mattress. Mattress Based On Sleep Position.

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If you've been looking for more eco-friendly options for furniture filling, you may have heard about soy foam. Soy foam and latex foam are considered as popular options for a more eco-friendly filling option on sofas and sectionals. However, you should know that soy foam is vastly different from latex foam and that furniture filling made from soy foam is not as eco-friendly as furniture manufacturers are claiming that they are.

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When untreated foam is ignited, it burns extremely fast. Ignited polyurethane foam sofas can reach temperatures over degrees Fahrenheit within minutes. Making it even more deadly is the toxic gas produced by burning polyurethane foam — hydrogen cyanide gas.

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Additionally, Nest bedding comes with a natural fire retardant, made without any harmful, cancer-causing chemicals. All mattresses are required by law to pass an open flame test and Nest bedding is no exception. And while most fire retardants are known for harmful chemicals and labeled with cancer warnings, Nest bedding has incorporated Hydrated Silica and wool to provide a chemical free and natural fire retardant bed. The Hydrated Silica acts as a fire barrier by encompassing the entire mattress and snuffing out any oxygen.


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