Is sex good when your pregnant

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Sex-wise, my wife and I have never found pregnancy a problem, and this pregnancy has been no exception. I am not sure if it's unusual, but I found all the fecundity - the swollen belly, the enormous boobs - rather arousing. Pregnancy certainly lends itself to a certain gingerness when it comes to the more kinetic elements of intercourse.

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Although vegging out in front of the TV is looking pretty good, having sex can do wonders for your health, your pregnancy and your relationship. Here are nine reasons why pregnancy sex is not only healthy, but why it might be even better than before. Less bathroom breaks Feel like you always have to pee?

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Well, sure. But the good news? It could be anything from your hormones to getting used to your new body.

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This could boost your conception odds, reduce your preeclampsia risk and support the overall healthy development of your baby. It turns out, biologically speaking, having sex is not only a mechanism for getting pregnant, but a means to keeping that pregnancy healthy. First, a few caveats. That sex has to be with the same partner for an extended period of time.

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When you're expecting, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about the baby -- and what will happen after he or she arrives. There are strollers to buy! Prenatal vitamins to pop!

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Please sign in or sign up for a March of Dimes account to proceed. If your pregnancy is healthy, you can have sex. You and your partner can use positions that are safe and comfortable throughout pregnancy.

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Obviously, I've had it. We don't have to talk about how much I've had it — I happen to have grown up in a town where your two leisure choices were having sex or entering your low-rider in a competition. But rest assured you can trust me, person you just met on the Internet, when I tell you that I am a perfectly qualified judge, and that the greatest sex I ever had was when I was pregnant.

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Has pregnancy spiked your interest in sex? Or is sex the last thing on your mind? Either way, here's what you need to know about sex during pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant, you have sex.

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If you're pregnant, sex might be the last thing on your mind — or the first, depending on what your hormones are doing to your sex drive. But seriously, with all the changes happening to your body and your emotions, you might be wondering whether sex is a good idea — or whether it's safe for the baby or babies growing inside you. So we spoke to two experts to find out: Dr.

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If fears about having pregnant sex are stressing you out, here's what you need to know. Plus, a few safe sex positions to accommodate your growing belly. One minute, the sight of your partner makes you want to put him out with the weekly garbage; the next, you might want to play a couple of rounds of naked Twister.


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