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It's as good a lyric snippet as any to draw you into this shiny new band's grimy new album, Suffrage ; their nihilistic life-sucks-fuck-off ethos is shot through with feminist rage, scattered breakdowns that would make Dying Fetus proud, and a certain working class sensibility that surfaces on songs like " GTFO" when Mungo snarls, "Make you something really stiff? Fucked And Bound's name may be provocative enough to get it censored in promo materials, but in the greater canon of extreme music, it's pretty par for the course—with the added bonus of not being racist or misogynistic! This is hardcore punk with an emphasis on -core—flitting between hardcore and grindcore, holding fast to the most aggressive, pummeling bits of both.

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Posted by Michael Pementel on February 15, at pm. Across 14 tracks, the band rages from start to finish with vicious rhythms, bombastic drumming, and savage vocals. Even though the material clocks in around 23 minutes, listeners will find that the record packs a lot to enjoy throughout the work.

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Their name was titillating to say the least: Fucked and Bound. Hardcore from Seattle? Suffrage by Fucked and Bound.

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Sounds Like: Short, insanely intense bursts of socially conscious punk-fuelled grinding. Now, bands as varied as Chelsea Wolfe, Code Orange, Oathbreaker, Employed To Serve and Myrkur, are making sublime music while eschewing perspectives of what it means to be a woman in metal, and refusing to compromise the extremity of their art. Do men have to pass the torch for women to be allowed to have deep, heavy emotion and express it?

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Uly Curry. She had built up a stable of smiling, tipping, drinking faces during her tenure as a bartender, but was now leaving that life behind in favor of a professional position in social media at Roland Virtual Sonics. Suffrage by Fucked and Bound.

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Their meticulously woven compositions of brute guitars and symphonic keyboards capture a malicious fervor tempered by discipline and restraint. While there is genuine angst and sorrow knitted into those elaborate songs, there is also the hint that something much more uninhibited lies beneath the surface. Found something you like and don't want to forget about it later?

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A lot of bands you told us to tour with are on this list. LA bound to play with End of Life and seizuresca - look forward to seeing all our friends. Strong scene last night filled with the best people.

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A hardcore punk album with very slight grindcore influences it was, full of energetic punk riffs and classic drum beats that you hear so often on these types of releases. A year later and they are back, and they stand next to Haunted Horses, a band with a vastly different approach to music; they are the more artsy, genre bending sort with many different influences under their belt. So what happens when you combine these two, seemingly disparate bands for a split EP, two shots each?

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Atomic Action! Providence, Rhode Island. We put out music we like by people we like.

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Fucked and Bound crank out 20 minutes of no-holds-barred hardcore on their debut full-length, Suffrage. Blending hardcore old and new with a dash of powerviolence and metallic hardcore, Fucked and Bound embrace the sound of the Seattle hardcore scene while showing off their own flair. This brief burst of hardcore viciousness cranks out a blur of venomous chords that stampede over a hectic rhythm section, bringing forth as much blood as possible.


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