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It announced that healthy, non-smoking males and females could earn up to five thousand dollars assisting with some medical research at a local medical research facility. Anyway, he made an appointment for a personal interview and was told that he would learn more about the research at the completion of the interview. On the day of the interview Jim showed up at the Regional Center for Human Medical Research and was shown to a small office.

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You are a bored god with infinite powers. You can do anything or anyone. Naturally, you use these powers for naughty things.

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Beth and her four friends were very excited as they all strode into the lab that was on their college campus. Normally, none of the five beautiful, popular girls would be caught dead in a science facility or especially a science classroom but this was a very unique situation. All five of them were just starting off their college career and were expecting to be loaded down with student debt when they graduated. But the lab on campus was holding a special experiment and were looking for specific people that fit their needs, and paying for it.

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Contains ultra bang, cum inflation, girl dong, belly bulging and usual futanari bullshit. Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa made her way through the dimly-lit second floor hallway, her Type raised, her mind focused on the objective but at the same time ready for any sudden attack from the enemy, a few beads of sweat ran down her neck but she was strangely calm even though she had lost contact with 3 members of her team since the assault started 7 minutes ago, it was all upto her now to secure the objective. The sounds of a few explosions and LOT of gunshots continued to trail down the stairs which led to the top floor which contained a biohazard container that her team had to secure.

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See More by ilikejuicestories. James and Alex ran around the yard, laughing and shrieking. Alex had the hose and was chasing James, who darted around, evading the spray.

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So I headed into the bathroom alone. After I got out of the shower I peeked into the bedroom to see if there was any movement on her part. She was out, she seemed to be sleeping like she was in a coma.

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But what happens if another guy who's unhappy with his penis orders a bottle? You have spent your life so far in the grips of human science. The process of genefusion has been lengthy, but above all, risky.

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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. This story also deals with breast, and butt expansion or inflation of varying size. As well as dealing with anthropomorphic characters, giantess, and living pool toys.


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