Cell phone usage among american teens

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When I talk to parents about my research on teens and technology, their questions often boil down to this: Is it bad for my teen to be spending so much time on electronic devices? Recently, several analyses have said that the research on this front is a mess or that there is no connection to mental health. In fact, four large studies of teens from the U.

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Parents are trying to limit the amount of time their teens spend on their phones, with mixed results. More than half of teens are worried they spend too much time on mobile devices and are making efforts to stop, according to a Pew Research Center report released Wednesday. The survey of U.

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Research has been done on smartphone usage and its impact on all adolescents from so many years. It is not a new issue at all. But the increasing trend of cell phone addiction and poor psychological and physiological health of adolescents urged to write this letter.

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Establishing cell phone rules for teens can be a little tricky. After all, most parents didn't grow up owning a cell phone so knowing what's appropriate and what isn't can be a challenge. Technology also changes so quickly that it can also be hard to keep up with the latest devices, social networking sites, and apps. Without clear guidelinesmany teens struggle to handle the responsibility of owning a smartphone.

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Children are learning how to use cell phones and receiving their own at younger ages than ever before. Research has revealed that there are a few adolescent personality traits associated with Internet addictionwhich is closely related to smartphone addiction. These traits include: 5.

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Cell phones are now well integrated into the lives of American teens and their families. Cell phones have become increasingly important modes for intra-family and external communication. Age has consistently been one of the most important factors in predicting cell phone use.

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Smartphone manufacturers have been criticized for the addictive nature of their devices. Both Android and now Apple have released software that will help people curb their addition and monitor usage. Share Tweet Share Reddit Pin.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Nurturing Resilience. My inbox has been inundated with reports that our kids are literally dying because of excessive cell phone use.

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American teenagers have a complicated and sometimes contradictory relationship with their smartphones—just like the rest of us. A new Pew Research study shows that kids are trying to negotiate between worry that they spend too much time on their phones and anxiety when they are separated from their devices. The study, released Wednesday, found that 54 percent of US teens ages 13 to 17 worry they spend too much time on their phones, 52 percent have taken steps to cut back on their phone use, and 57 percent have tried to spend less time on social media.

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As anyone who has teenage kids or spends a lot of time around young people can probably confirm, it sometimes seems like the only chance to have a proper conversation with them is to have their smartphone surgically removed. While that is obviously just the bitter old man inside me talking, a recent Pew Research survey of parents in the United States found that 72 percent of them often or sometimes feel like their teenage kid is distracted by his or her phone when having a conversation. As the following chart illustrates, more than half of the teens interviewed by Pew think so themselves.


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