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J ustin Welby has come out with a fascinating argument against the Church of England endorsing gay marriage — which is that, were this to occur, African Christians would be murdered. He had in mind intercommunal massacres, such as the one he cited in Nigeria. He referred to a particularly harrowing experience he had in the middle belt of Nigeria, where the ethnic cleansing of a Christian village by Muslim neighbours was supposedly justified or prompted by something gay-friendly done by the Anglican church in the US.

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Two men who tried to blackmail a member of the Royal Family over gay sex claims have been jailed for five years each. The unnamed victim called the police and the men were arrested in a sting operation at a London hotel last September. After an Old Bailey jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict yesterday, the judge Mr Justice Cooke described the attempted extortion as "dirty, filthy and hideous" and the allegations as "scurrilous.

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July 24 Meet The New Thug. Same As The Old Thug. As did the Maastricht Treaty; the EU Constitution, with it's corrigendum's, addendum's and annex's will breed another generation of legalized thieves who feed off top-down-corruption and the fraudulent legislation it spawns.

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A SECRET crackdown on homosexuality in the Fleet was ordered in the late Sixties after officials discovered that half of all sailors had indulged in gay acts and that no ship was immune from the risk of blackmail. The problem was highlighted in when scores of sexually explicit photographs of British sailors were found in a flat in Bermuda. At the same time, more and more drunken sailors were being lured into having sex with catamites, men masquerading as beautiful women, in Singapore.

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The ban on homosexuals serving in the armed forces was only lifted in January - decades after being gay was decriminalised by the Sexual Offences Act of Back inthe BBC reported: "The Royal Navy was so gripped by a security panic over gay servicemen in the late s, admirals believed at least half of the entire fleet had 'sinned homosexually'. Joe Ousalice, 68, was court-martialed in and found guilty of being in bed with another sailor, which the service said was prejudicial to good order and naval discipline.

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Released inVictim premiered before the decriminalisation of homosexuality, meaning it was a daring and dangerous story to tell. Dirk Bogarde starred as a successful barrister who falls victim to a blackmailing ring threatening to reveal pictures of him with another man. It was a risk for Bogarde, but the film directly influenced public opinion and played a part in changing the law in favour of gay men.

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Ronald Thwaites, in his closing argument, said his client, Sean McGuigan, was "unwise in his friendships," especially in his friendship with his co-defendant, Ian Strachan, The Guardian reported. He described Strachan as someone with " Walter Mitty " dreams. They were arrested after a meeting at a hotel with a police officer posing as a royal aide.

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There is as yet no indication that he will be questioned by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse despite the fact he is one of the most important living witnesses to the existence of a vice ring which supplied children to VIPs abusers. Blunt was also a regular visitor to Ireland and active, albeit at a low level, in NI politics. He had an extensive circle of friends in Ireland, many of whom were also paedophiles.

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The British royal family is looked up to and admired for their conformity to rules and traditions. The royal family is scrupulous and very particular with etiquette and protocols, considering the reputation and image that the royal family has to be cautious of and uphold. While sexual preferences and same-sex marriages are not really a taboo, the royal family stays discreet about them, just like any other issues.

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Ian Strachan, a "Walter Mitty" character with a cocaine addiction and his friend Sean McGuigan, a recovering alcoholic, demanded cash for a set of recordings featuring "scandalous" remarks by a royal employee. The tapes claimed that the married member of the royal family, witness A, performed a sex act on the male aide at a party and took cocaine with him. The senior aide involved was described in court as a "predatory homosexual", a "mincing and boastful braggart", and was compared with the camp actor John Inman in Are You Being Served?


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