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Sign in. We all know what sex looks like. Many movies have tried to capture the magic, but most can only bring home the tricks.

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Happy superbat! He throws the blanket off, welcoming the cool air on his bare chest. He looks to the left; Clark is sleeping peacefully, curled up in their blanket.

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Bruce's head was throbbing, every muscle in his body screaming bloody murder. There was blood caked on his right eyelid, the blood had dried and sealed his right eye shut. It was a struggle to open that eye when he could barely open the other, he didn't remember being punched in the eye but he sure felt the pain now.

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Ben Afleck has long been the apple of the eye among the gay media circles and so it is no surprise that DC has picked the actor to pick up the mantle of the Batman for a trilogy and to battle Superman, alien avatar meant to represent a modern day savior, aka, a Jesus Christ figure for the new ages. While it is easy to write-off a comic book movie as mindless entertainment, Christian America should beware that Batman v. Who will emerge the victor? Through the mists of Gotham emerges the Batman, the quintessential representative of homosexuality: mysterious and broody, impossibly sculpted muscles barely contained by Corinthian leathers, expensive foreign cars earned by high-paying corporate jobs.

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The reviews for "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" may be lackluster -- but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the film with a new, and very gay, twist. In the past, Men.

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That being said, Batman v Superman is hella gay. History of the comic book characters aside Batman and Robin gay rumors have been swirling around foreverit also helps my case that the title of Batman v Superman is pretty homoerotic. From the get go it suggests a face-off between two really attractive dudes we know are in tights, a fact obvious enough for gay porn studio Men.

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Homosexual interpretations have been part of the academic study of the Batman franchise at least since psychiatrist Fredric Wertham asserted in his book Seduction of the Innocent that "Batman stories are psychologically homosexual". Wertham, as well as parodiesfansand other independent parties, have described Batman and his sidekick Robin Dick Grayson as homosexual, possibly in a relationship with each other. DC Comics has never indicated Batman or any of his male allies to be gaybut several characters in the Modern Age Batman comic books are expressly gay, lesbianor bisexual.

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The only kind of love that can be guaranteed. Your yellows will stay as yellow as the first day you hung your art. If not, we will replace it.

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Superman resides and operates in the fictional American city of Metropolis. Superman's love interest is generally Lois Lane, and his archenemy is the supervillain Lex Luthor. A close ally of Batman and Wonder Womanhe is typically depicted as a member of the Justice League. Like other characters in the DC Universe, several alternate versions of Superman have been characterized over the years.


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