Asian river maps

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The southern countries of Asia form South Asia. There are eight countries and one island in this region. India takes more than half of the south Asia map with its huge size.

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Great rivers are the cultural and economic backbone of South Asia. The GangesIndus and Brahmaputra have contributed to the rise and prosperity of some of the earliest civilizations in history and today are the source of livelihood for millions. The South Asian river basins, most of which have their source in the Himalayassupport rich ecosystems and irrigate millions of hectares of fields, thereby supporting some of the highest population densities in the world.

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World Flags Game. Buddhism was born in Asia. The Taliban once ruled the nations of Asia and Afghanistan, but no longer.

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Public community. Haven't you signed up to Didactalia yet? Join now!

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Every year, plastic kills around 1 million seabirds,sea mammals and inestimable numbers of fish. Between 0. Large rivers are particularly efficient conveyors of plastic waste to the oceans, especially in countries lacking a well-developed waste management infrastructure.

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Email me and I'll find it for you. Right to Know or Left to Wonder? Hazardscapes - Toxic and Nuclear Risks in your backyard.

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Dozens of significant rivers rise in Asia. Here we highlight a few on the map and briefly describe some of the most significant ones, including the Ganges, Indus, Lena, Mekong, Ob, Yangtze and Yellow. Ganges The Ganges is the most sacred river to Hindus and is also a lifeline to millions of Indians who live along its course and depend on it for their daily needs.

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The 6, kilometer-long Yangtze River is central to the economic life of more people than the populations of Russia and the United States combined. Click a button below to learn about the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River did not always exist. Neither did China.

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Professor Knapp is a geographer who specializes on China. This unit begins with a set of maps, both general and outline, and then divides discussion of China's geography into four topical areas. The discussion refers to the maps and other visuals imbedded in the text.

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It occupies the eastern four-fifths of the giant Eurasian landmass. Asia is more a geographic term than a homogeneous continent, and the use of the term to describe such a vast area always carries the potential of obscuring the enormous diversity among the regions it encompasses. In addition, the peoples of Asia have established the broadest variety of human adaptation found on any of the continents. The name Asia is ancient, and its origin has been variously explained.


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