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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. If you're the kind of person who loves a long, luxurious massage at your partner's handthen you likely have a go-to massage oil either in liquid or candle form.

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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Samsu Oil is a patent product for the men who want strongest sex oil, that serves to reduce the level of sensitivity of the nerves of the penis, to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation and prolong the power of your sexual relationship. Once you apply this Samsu oil before sex, you will grow in the long delay of ejaculation, your partner will climax automatically, satisfied and addicted with your sex play.

Like many people, Susan would use alcohol as a way to unwind and unleash her inhibitions. Susan also noticed her senses felt more heightened when she used CBD, and her orgasms became more intense. And, unlike with alcohol, she said she no longer had to put up with the hangovers, fuzzy memories and vaginal dryness.

There are fun secrets that you learn over the span of your life as a sexually active being, and if you're a good person, you share them with your community. In times of need, you might resort to your kitchen for what ends up being the best lube of all timeor maybe you realize what you needed all along was just a pair of socks. The best part about sex hacks is that everyone has them.

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As first appeared on Nerve. We'd park between tattered garbage trucks. I'd pray that the vehicles would stay dark and still for the night.

Scientists from the University of Athens have discovered that olive oil may be more effective than Viagra at treating erectile dysfunction, U. Scientists looked at health and diet in a group of men with an average age of The study focused on the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and discovered several advantages to olive oil.

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No matter the quality of your sex life, chances are it can be enhanced with a little lubrication. In a study, about 30 percent of women reported pain during their most recent sexual encounter. Not only can lube ease some of the vaginal dryness that may cause this discomfort, it can also help increase sensitivity and arousal. Lube works by decreasing friction in your genitals.

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I thought all personal lubricators were basically the same, so why would it matter which one I decided to slather on my own sex toys with? Turns out, lube ingredients make a big difference — there are some body-safe ingredients, while other ingredients should be avoided. The right lube can heighten pleasurable sensations, and reduce chafing during an all-night sex marathon, but some formulas contain ingredients that some believe may increase the risk of getting a yeast infection or cause other health problems.

Coconut oil has been all the rage lately. From a hair product, to a weight loss enhancer, to a teeth whitener and a fungus fighter, the possibilities for coconut oil are endless. And what else, pray tell, can we use this oil for? How about some well-deserved sexy time?


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