Adult onset sudden hearing loss

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If you experience sudden-onset hearing loss, such as not being able to hear when you wake up in the morning or a sudden change in your hearing during the day, see a doctor immediately. A doctor can determine if the hearing loss is due to a temporary blockage such as earwax or if there might be another cause. Although these are some possible causes, in many cases doctors are not able to find one clear cause.

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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss SSNHL is commonly encountered in audiologic and otolaryngologic practice. SSNHL is most commonly defined as sensorineural hearing loss of 30dB or greater over at least three contiguous audiometric frequencies occurring within a hr period. Although the differential for SSNHL is vast, for the majority of patients an etiologic factor is not identified.

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SNHL is generally permanent and can be mild, moderate, severe, profound, or total. Various other descriptors can be used depending on the shape of the audiogramsuch as high frequency, low frequency, U-shaped, notched, peaked, or flat. Sensory hearing loss often occurs as a consequence of damaged or deficient cochlear hair cells.

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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss SSHLcommonly known as sudden deafness, occurs as an unexplained, rapid loss of hearing—usually in one ear—either at once or over several days. It should be considered a medical emergency. Anyone who experiences SSHL should visit a doctor immediately.

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Articles in the December issue discuss various health issues affecting school-aged children, including acne, eczema and growth disorders. Volume 42, No. Sudden onset hearing loss SOHL has a number of causes, ranging from the simple and reversible to the profound and perma-nent.

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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss SSHL is also known as sudden deafness. It occurs when you lose your hearing very quickly, typically only in one ear. It can happen instantly or over a span of several days.

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Skip to main content. SSHL happens because there is something wrong with the sensory organs of the inner ear. Sudden deafness frequently affects only one ear.

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Hearing loss that occurs gradually as you age presbycusis is common. About one-third of people in the United States between the ages of 65 and 75 have some degree of hearing loss. For those older than 75, that number is approximately 1 in 2.

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Temporary hearing loss has many potential causes. Treating it depends on the underlying problem. Here are some options for dealing with it quickly. Read more.


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